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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympic mania!

Only a few days left with the olympics here in Vancouver, im going to try and soak it up as much as I can!  Its been crazy madness in the downtown core area with tens of thousands of people everywhere everyday these past 2 wks.. its crowded as hell but its so much fun with all the energy and excitement around.. What an experience!
**heres my favourite olympic mascot – the mythical “Quatchi”
sasquatch is so cute and fluffy!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tale of devotion

Hachiko –  a great movie based on a true story and one of the most touching movie ive seen about a bond formed between a dog `Hachiko` and his owner.   I cried intensely towards the last 30 mins.. what a lovely and moving story

This movie is a adaptation of the real story which took place back in the 1920`s in Japan,  Hachiko was the faithful ``Akita`` of a Japanese university professor. Everyday he would come to the train station to await his master's train and return home together. This routine continued until one fateful day, the professor unfortunately died at work due to a heart failure 

Hachiko kept coming back to the station and became a familiar sight to commuters for ten years.He died on the very same spot he last saw his master alive.

After Hachiko's death, a statue was built outside the Shibuya railroad station in honour of his loyalty. Hachiko's body was stuffed and on display at the National Science Museum of Japan

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