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Sunday, June 12, 2011

New addition to our doggie family

We have a new member in our family – MILO Aka Meatloaf/ Porky Pig. He's a miniature English Bull dog from California born Feb 16 2011 *just happens to be the SAME birthday as me which I had found out later…what are the chances…it is meant to be!!  We actually had a down payment on a pup from a different breeder but due to complications, it never happened so we were referred to other breeders with a selection of pups we came across Milo’s picture and we knew he was it. He was PERFECT with the perfect color, patch and rolls– and you would know that’s the one when you see it – me and Alfred both agreed from the first pic we saw of him.

We had him flown into Canada on April 27 Weds, I had just got home from work and there he was.. he was just a little pup so small you can lift up with one hand. He had a big head and huge paws but short stubby legs with a small body.  He was jet lagged from his flight from Cali yet he was still awake curious with his surroundings. We meet for the first time and I was instantly in love.  He is very different than the fluffy White dog that im used to and Ive never seen an actual real bull dog in life..Ive never paid much attention to this type of breed beforebut he is just soooo adorable and im in love <3 ..hes so smart with a great personality. Now I just hope my other 2 dogs Rusty and Gizmo would start getting along with him but itll take some time..