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Saturday, October 31, 2009

My personal scarefest thrillers x 10

Ive always known the fear of being scared is worst than actually being scared,thats my problem with this one.Mustve been all those horror flicks ive seen in the past.Well its Halloween time and with the horror movie genre being one of my favorite genres its time to make up my top 10 list of my all time favorite horror movies that either :        
A) scarred me for life 
B) made me sleep with lights on    
C) made me afraid to goto bed or washroom  
D) made be afraid of the dark
E) all of the above

My Top 10:
1)The Exorcist –  An obvious choice. Creepy, shocking and disturbing. A classic horror based on a true story,  it scared people then and it scares people now. The rotating head, levitating body and spider walk..just some of the most classic scenes in the horror genre

2)Amityville II  (The Possession)  –based on a true story and the best of its series. I found it to have a very creepy atmosphere..just terrifying and eerie as hell 

3)The Omen –the all time horror classic..must be something with the chanting, the music and the ruthless mean little boy.. creeeepy 

4)Stir of Echoes – a psychological horror that is scary and fascinating. A story that taps into our fear of the paranormal to give plenty of chills 

5) The Shining –   Kubricks classic materpiece of horror in a spooky hotel of evil. Jack Nicholson goes berserk with scares around every corner from the washroom scene, the twins to redrum redrum!! oh and the bloody hallways..  

6) Event Horizon – a very scary sci-fi horror with great gory special effects and disturbing to mess with your mind 

7)Texas Chainsaw Massacre – intense horror with just plain blood and gore. Keeps you nervous the whole way through.  Just the whole concept of being in the middle of nowhere and with nobody around to help you is scary enough

8) What Lies Beneath – great suspense horror. I couldn't look into the bathroom mirror for a week without feeling paranoid after watching this

9)Hellraiser II  Hellbound  - Pinhead has to be one of the creepiest villain ever! Twisted with special gore effects takes you to hell and back

10) Sleepy Hollow -  Gothy director extraordinaire Tim Burton creates the best looking horror film with an amazing set and characters. Gory and dark with great cinematography

Thursday, October 29, 2009

just let it be

You cannot change other people
You love them the way they are or you dont
You accept them the way they are or you dont
To try to change them to fit what you want them to be is like
trying to change a dog for a cat, or a cat for a horse.
That is a fact.  They are what they are - you are what you are

Don Miguel Ruiz

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Haunted House Attractions

The coolest interactive haunted house has got
to be the infamous Britannia Manor located in
Austin, TX which is also home of software
billionaire Richard Garriott. Apparently he
spends over 100,000 each year to spook up this
place! The attraction goes through the mansion
including some of its secret passages and is
interactive just like a video game where you
have to crawl, climb, solve puzzles and run
like hell..

Its a full contact interactive adventure which
runs up to an hour long across 20+ stages. Since
the attraction ended back in the mid 90's theyre
back this year as Dunstan Manor with a vampire
based theme "Blood Ritual"

Would love to check this one out if only I was in Texas.. 
I would probably pee my pants.. voted as one of the top 
haunted house attractions in the US

This one looks fun.. rated top haunted attraction in the UK 
- ROOM 13 at Alton Towers Hotel

Im on the look out for one this year so I can scream my head off!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

time for a new look

Its been months since my babies had their last hair cut, im such a bad mommy.. they looked like homeless dogs and had to go through the entire summer with a big shag. Well since ive been done with my deadlines last week I finally have some spare time to do things that was left aside including blogging..organizing scrap books..doing some major house cleaning and of course giving my doggies a makeover. This took me a good 4+ hours which I couldve brought them to a groomers at $30 each but I would much prefer to wash/cut them myself, ive actually never even used a groomer before. Although my dogs are poodle breed and mixed poodle, I would never give them the poodle trim. Those silly show cuts are just too goofy.. heres some funny ones

Micro porky pigs

These adordable tea cup piglets are starting a new pet craze. They're small enough to fit on the palm of your hand, very clean and low maintenance, no wonder theyre gaining in pet popularity nowaways. Pigs are highly intellegent and rated the 4th smartest animal on the planet after moneys, whales and dolphins. I would love to see a trained piglet do some tricks or see someone walking one on the street!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Everything is OK Montage [ Video ]

these guys are great..just priceless. i love their sense of humour
and i have a smile watching this the whole time. the british cops are
so nice, try this here they will prolly get tazered!!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

"howl" o-ween is coming

Neighbours are starting to deck out Halloween decor,

stores are filling up with costumes and sweets ..its that

time of year again to figure out what to be. I read that

millions of families across the US will be looking for

the perfect costume…... for their pets that is!

According to a survey, millions of households plan on

dressing up their pets for Halloween. Pet owners will go

all out so that pets can too trick or treat, some are even

trained to hold their own goodie bags.You might want to

have doggie treats ready in case a dachshund comes

to your door wearing a hot dog bun

The survey revealed that the top 10 costumes for pets includes:

  1. Devil
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Witch
  4. Princess
  5. Angel
  6. Pirate
  7. Hot Dog
  8. Bat
  9. Black Cat
  10. Clown

Silly? yes.. but its fun for all and they love the attention!
..and yes i have dressed up mine before as well, although they did not get to go trick or treating!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

things that make you go awww

Pandas are ridiculously cute.. sooo cuddly and adorable. Looking at anymore of these panda pics would make me want to hug my laptop! Pandas are definitely one of the most adorable creatures that mother nature has given us but it saddens me to know that they are close to extinction and to make matters worst the big earthquake which hit China last year destroyed the panda breeding center and wild panda reserves further devastating the panda population, this just breaks my heart… its now estimated that only 1000 pandas are left with around 200 in captivity..

I would absolutely love to have a chance to visit the panda sanctuary in China where you can pay to hug a baby panda

might be in my itinerary for the upcoming HK trip..hopefully..

my favourite panda sneezing video

This demonstration in Paris, featuring 1600 paper mache pandas, was staged by the WWF to demonstrate the need to protect the 1600 real pandas and other endangered species last yr