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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010


 Grease has got to be the best musical and movie soundtrack of all time for me.  A story about a group of 50’s greasers and bobby soxers.. back when music and cars were a life style. I absolutely love the 50’s… the style and attitude..the movie drive-ins, malt shops diners, pencil skirts and classic rock and roll.. this is definitely my favorite decade

Anyway back to was actually a Broadway stage musical in the early 70’s before it was made as a movie in 1978.  Its been 30+ years since its release and this classic has remained one of my fav movies of all time since I first watched it on a TV special when I was in the 4th grade?! gosh I feel old…  and no matter how many times you watch it, it never gets old! I might have watch it nearly 100 times now…

So I was absolutely thrilled when I heard that the Grease musical was finally coming to Vancouver and quickly secured tickets for Halloween night which also finalized my decision on my costume as Pink Lady.  I love everything about the 50’s and this was my chance to go all out with 50s wear. Also it was in my favorite color Pink!  Well the musical was a blast and entertaining with soooo much energy.. Id love to do it all over again..

oh and there was even a theater release of a Grease sing-a-long version during the summer. Its like
karaoke on the big screen with lyrics on the bottom and having the entire audience participate! how geeky fun is that!

Clip from the movie: 

**on a side note Johnny Depp is the HOTTEST bad ass greaser in Cry Baby

Heres a clip of the original 70’s Broadway Cast – Summer nights

Halloween 2010 - Ling dressed up as a Steampunk girl with me as Pink Lady