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Sunday, October 02, 2011

more fun
less bullshit
doggie play time
movie marathons
road trips
red wine

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New addition to our doggie family

We have a new member in our family – MILO Aka Meatloaf/ Porky Pig. He's a miniature English Bull dog from California born Feb 16 2011 *just happens to be the SAME birthday as me which I had found out later…what are the chances…it is meant to be!!  We actually had a down payment on a pup from a different breeder but due to complications, it never happened so we were referred to other breeders with a selection of pups we came across Milo’s picture and we knew he was it. He was PERFECT with the perfect color, patch and rolls– and you would know that’s the one when you see it – me and Alfred both agreed from the first pic we saw of him.

We had him flown into Canada on April 27 Weds, I had just got home from work and there he was.. he was just a little pup so small you can lift up with one hand. He had a big head and huge paws but short stubby legs with a small body.  He was jet lagged from his flight from Cali yet he was still awake curious with his surroundings. We meet for the first time and I was instantly in love.  He is very different than the fluffy White dog that im used to and Ive never seen an actual real bull dog in life..Ive never paid much attention to this type of breed beforebut he is just soooo adorable and im in love <3 ..hes so smart with a great personality. Now I just hope my other 2 dogs Rusty and Gizmo would start getting along with him but itll take some time..

Saturday, April 02, 2011


Laugh when you can

Apologize when you should

And let go of what you cant change

Lifes too short to be anything but HAPPY :o)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

RIP My Beloved Gizmo

A week ago today my beloved dog Gizmo of 13 yrs sadly passed away. The pain and heartache is still very raw and it still hurts so much even when I try not to think about it.  I know that time is a healer as pain will subside and eventually turn into good memories. I know some people dont understand how hard this is as they think the loss of a pet must be easy but for me it has been as devastating as losing a family member

It was very unexpected and devastating since Gizmo did not even show any signs prior until she was brought into the hospital for blood work due to bleeding gums and a fever, that was when they pointed out bruised spots all over her back. She had to stay overnight for IV, blood work, X-Rays etc.. though no one there could figure out what was wrong with her even after all these tests. Then we received the call we dread to get that she was in critical condition and we had to go back immediately. By the time we got back to the hospital she was very weak and blood clot has spread throughout her body, we asked for a specialist to rush over to do a ultra sound in hopes to find the cause/treatment. This took a long 30+ mins which we were by her side comforting her while giving her oxygen.  I guess we both knew the end was near hearing her breath abnormally but the ultra sound was our last hope.. by the time the specialist finally made it in, Gizmo took one last long breath and she was gone at approx 4:45pm with us beside her. The specialist ruled out the cause was due to low blood platelet count resulting massive internal bleeding which could happen in a matter of hours. My heart is aching so much and a part of our family is gone. What was once a pack of 3 is now 2 leaving Rusty and Pebbles left which I don’t even think they have realized Gizmo is gone.

Gizmo you are in doggie heaven now you brought us so much love and joy throughout these 13 years together .. You were so smart, loyal, beautiful and gentle.. so snuggly and soft . I miss your polar bear walk, those cute sounds you made, the cute head tilting and your soft gentle licks. I hope to see you in my dreams and we miss you soooo much.  Til we meet again.. you will be in our hearts forever.

My Beloved Gizmo ~ Dec 17 97 -Jan 16 11

Baby Gizmo at 8 wks



Saturday, January 01, 2011

My Personal Bucket List

If you havent heard of the Bucket list, its a list dreams you want to fulfill and experience before you die.  After watching the movie 'The Bucket list' where the characters compiled a list of things to accomplish for motivation and a desire to stay young at heart, id thought Id give this a try with a list of my own..not that im planning to die anytime soon! but I just thought it would be fun/inspirational and try to make 2011 be the year to do some of the things id like to accomplish one day. Ive never thought of writing one of these ‘Things to Do Before I Die’ lists before but it is actually kind of interesting. I really needed to take time to evaluate what my goals, hopes and dreams are and where my current life routine is taking me and then do everything to go after these life visions to help refocus and reprioritize energies on rewarding activities and achievements.

Well heres my official "wish list" of things id like to experience in life - in no particular order:

Create a room I love
Live in Europe for at least a few months
Beach front dream home
Walk on desert and go on a camel ride
See pyramids
Volunteer at dog shelter
Practice Yoga
Learn piano again
Take swing dancing lessons
Walk the Great Wall of China
Grow my own food/garden
Practice meditation
Get a talking pet parrot
Go on a African safari
Travel in a motor home
Visit Dubai
Goto a panda sanctuary
Start painting/sketch book drawing
Experience a full sun rise/set on beach
Vacation in Florida for at least a month
NYE at Times Square
Visit Bora Bora
Build a sand castle on beach
Photography lessons
Win the lotto jackpot
See a UFO/Alien

Not sure what the chances are for the last 2 but hey.. who knows.  Well im sure theres more to this list but ill have to update it as time goes on… do you have your bucket list?

Remember to Live. Love. Laugh.