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Saturday, October 03, 2009

things that make you go awww

Pandas are ridiculously cute.. sooo cuddly and adorable. Looking at anymore of these panda pics would make me want to hug my laptop! Pandas are definitely one of the most adorable creatures that mother nature has given us but it saddens me to know that they are close to extinction and to make matters worst the big earthquake which hit China last year destroyed the panda breeding center and wild panda reserves further devastating the panda population, this just breaks my heart… its now estimated that only 1000 pandas are left with around 200 in captivity..

I would absolutely love to have a chance to visit the panda sanctuary in China where you can pay to hug a baby panda

might be in my itinerary for the upcoming HK trip..hopefully..

my favourite panda sneezing video

This demonstration in Paris, featuring 1600 paper mache pandas, was staged by the WWF to demonstrate the need to protect the 1600 real pandas and other endangered species last yr


firejerm said...

lol lil panda looks like an off colored candy corn...with ears.

Also i seen ur post in: who's looking for more followers. Just in case you haven't found it yet, her is a blogspot search. It works by category. they have most of the blogs but i dont know how often they update.
hope this helps.

Peggy said...

oh right! that last pic does look like a candy corn haha

thanks for the link! i tried to google the directory but somehow nothing came up, thanks for your help!