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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Haunted House Attractions

The coolest interactive haunted house has got
to be the infamous Britannia Manor located in
Austin, TX which is also home of software
billionaire Richard Garriott. Apparently he
spends over 100,000 each year to spook up this
place! The attraction goes through the mansion
including some of its secret passages and is
interactive just like a video game where you
have to crawl, climb, solve puzzles and run
like hell..

Its a full contact interactive adventure which
runs up to an hour long across 20+ stages. Since
the attraction ended back in the mid 90's theyre
back this year as Dunstan Manor with a vampire
based theme "Blood Ritual"

Would love to check this one out if only I was in Texas.. 
I would probably pee my pants.. voted as one of the top 
haunted house attractions in the US

This one looks fun.. rated top haunted attraction in the UK 
- ROOM 13 at Alton Towers Hotel

Im on the look out for one this year so I can scream my head off!!

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