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Monday, October 12, 2009

time for a new look

Its been months since my babies had their last hair cut, im such a bad mommy.. they looked like homeless dogs and had to go through the entire summer with a big shag. Well since ive been done with my deadlines last week I finally have some spare time to do things that was left aside including blogging..organizing scrap books..doing some major house cleaning and of course giving my doggies a makeover. This took me a good 4+ hours which I couldve brought them to a groomers at $30 each but I would much prefer to wash/cut them myself, ive actually never even used a groomer before. Although my dogs are poodle breed and mixed poodle, I would never give them the poodle trim. Those silly show cuts are just too goofy.. heres some funny ones

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lightning in a bottle said...

the pups look happier now that they're shag-free! i miss these crazy hyper trio.