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Sunday, July 24, 2005

.Furry Friends.

im a huge dog lover~ these furry, four legged pals are always around to keep me company. they enrich our lives, gives us unconditional love and constantly remind us of the important things in life.

i believe that pets can touch a special place in our hearts where not even our closest human companions are allowed to venture. Maybe its cuz we know that our animals can be trusted no matter what and we’ll open ourselves up to them exposing the vulnerable, opening up innocent corners of our souls that are ordinarilly buried deep behind protective walls.

i think sometimes you can measure the luv you have for a pet by the number of pet names you’ve given them too, i got a ton of them for my 3 furry friends ~ theres 'Gizmo' (mommy dog) shes the feistiest, Rusty (the dad) the gentle one and then theres 'Pebos' (the baby) shes the weird one sorta like the outcast its nutz how much i luv these little guys.

.my furry friends.


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HissyFitz said...

Aww, such cute doggies! Funny how dogs seem to be able to smile for the camera, but cats never do. =^.^=