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Saturday, January 01, 2011

My Personal Bucket List

If you havent heard of the Bucket list, its a list dreams you want to fulfill and experience before you die.  After watching the movie 'The Bucket list' where the characters compiled a list of things to accomplish for motivation and a desire to stay young at heart, id thought Id give this a try with a list of my own..not that im planning to die anytime soon! but I just thought it would be fun/inspirational and try to make 2011 be the year to do some of the things id like to accomplish one day. Ive never thought of writing one of these ‘Things to Do Before I Die’ lists before but it is actually kind of interesting. I really needed to take time to evaluate what my goals, hopes and dreams are and where my current life routine is taking me and then do everything to go after these life visions to help refocus and reprioritize energies on rewarding activities and achievements.

Well heres my official "wish list" of things id like to experience in life - in no particular order:

Create a room I love
Live in Europe for at least a few months
Beach front dream home
Walk on desert and go on a camel ride
See pyramids
Volunteer at dog shelter
Practice Yoga
Learn piano again
Take swing dancing lessons
Walk the Great Wall of China
Grow my own food/garden
Practice meditation
Get a talking pet parrot
Go on a African safari
Travel in a motor home
Visit Dubai
Goto a panda sanctuary
Start painting/sketch book drawing
Experience a full sun rise/set on beach
Vacation in Florida for at least a month
NYE at Times Square
Visit Bora Bora
Build a sand castle on beach
Photography lessons
Win the lotto jackpot
See a UFO/Alien

Not sure what the chances are for the last 2 but hey.. who knows.  Well im sure theres more to this list but ill have to update it as time goes on… do you have your bucket list?

Remember to Live. Love. Laugh.


lightning in a bottle said...

those are very awesome things! and some of them would be on my "bucket list" although i'd like to accomplish them this year. ambitious, i know.

you know, some of those things we can do together ;)

Amanda said...

Fatalistic Things to do for New Year!
-Visit Dubai and Walk on desert and go on a camel ride
"HOooooT~~~~~~~IDEA!! it is going to be on my list( did you watch Sex and city 2...they were walking on deser and riding on a camel!!)

I am going to wirte my "bucket list" now~~

Ah~~please say hi for me when you see UFO and Alien~~will you@.@~~~"

HarmonySweetpea said...

Wonderful post. Far more exciting to do a bucket list for a lifetime, than a 2011 new year resolution list. I should consider mine too.

I know mine includes lots of travel to.... and travel to ... type stuff lol I want to go everywhere!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Señorita said...

Great list... Loved the ones to Dubai and Bora Bora. Those would definitely be on my list... And, NYE at Times Square; dress warmly. I was just there tonight and almost froze my toes off!!

Julie Edmonds said...

This is a great idea, I want to make my own list soon! I followed you too!

Milady said...

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